Advert specifications

Artwork for adverts should be provided as either PDF or JPEG files.
We prefer high quality PDFs because if saved correctly, text will print at the optimum quality, rather than being converted to pixels and appearing fuzzy or blocky. 


PDFs should have all fonts embedded, otherwise when sent to print, font substitution may occur to the default Arial or Times Roman fonts, meaning your advert will not look how you want it. There are various layout softwares available, but each should provide as Save/Export to PDF or Print to PDF option. When saving/exporting or printing your PDF, any available PDF quality option should be set to ‘print quality’ or ‘high quality’.

NB: Trim marks and image bleed are only needed if you have booked the full page with bleed advert size.


If you wish to submit an advert as a JPEG image, it should be created at the correct advert size shown below and saved as CMYK mode, at 300 dpi or greater.

Please be aware that Microsoft Word does not save PDFs or JPEGs with 100% black for black coloured text, instead using a mix of CMYK. This will impact the clarity and sharpness of black type, known as mis-registration –  therefore we do not recommend Microsoft Word as a layout software.

Do get in touch if need any help.

Our advert sizes are shown below:

NB: Either full page with image bleed, or full page (with a white margin around all sides) may be used within the same full page price bracket.

With 3mm bleed:
154 (W) x 216 mm (H)
148 (W) x 210 mm (H)
NB: leave a 10 mm safe zone within the page trim area marked with the white line to ensure content is not trimmed off.

134 mm (W) x 190 mm (H)
NB: There will be a white margin of approx. 7mm between all sides of your advert and the edge of the page.

134 mm (W) x 92 mm (H)

64 mm (W) x 92 mm (H)