Terms & Conditions

NB: Where the term ‘advert’ is used this means ‘any advertisement, editorial, article, or any other material (e.g. community content) supplied for publication’.

Full payment is required by the payment due by date specified on the supplied invoice form to ensure publication of the advert. Any adverts for which payment has not been received will not be published. Once advertising has been confirmed, either by a confirmation telephone call, e-mail or letter, no refunds can be given if the advertiser subsequently decides that they wish to cancel. This includes pulling out of advertising mid-term.

All invoices are payable by or before the payment due by date as stated on the invoice or by the date stated on the order confirmation form, whichever is applicable, and in no circumstances shall the advertiser be entitled to make any deduction or withhold payment for any reason.

Although every effort is made to ensure artwork created for the magazine is correct and free of errors, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to check their advert and ensure that it is correct prior to submission. Amended artwork can usually be accepted up to the copy deadline. No responsibility will be taken by The Horsley Directory for any errors subsequently identified (i.e. after printing has been completed).

Adverts supplied in pdf format will be pre-flight checked for print quality and image resolution and if satisfies commercial printing requirements, will be inserted into the magazine as supplied. If not, potential reproduction problems will be flagged-up for the advertiser to amend or our graphics team to correct at a quoted charge. Files should be supplied with fonts embedded and images in CMYK format at a minimum of 300dpi. No responsibility can be taken for the print quality of any advert supplied at a lower resolution.

Any advert/editorial/article/design which The Horsley Directory has created must not be used in another other publication or advertising medium (e.g. website) without the written approval of The Horsley Directory. A fee will be payable to The Horsley Directory if an advertiser wishes to re-use an advert/editorial/article/design in this way.

The Horsley Directory reserves the right to refuse or to edit advertisements at our discretion.

Advertisers who pay for their advert by standing order are advised that their advert will be printed in the magazine until such time as they notify The Horsley Directory that they wish to cancel. Standing orders must be set up so that payment is received by The Horsley Directory by the date specified on the order invoice i.e. prior to printing.It is the advertiser’s responsibility to inform The Horsley Directory if they wish to stop running their advert after the initially agreed period.

Notification of cancellation must be received prior to next scheduled copy deadline date. If the advertiser cancels their standing order without telling The Horsley Directory and the advert is published, the advertiser will be invoiced separately for the advertising cost.

Although every effort is made to produce a successful advertising medium, The Horsley Directory gives no guarantee of the level of response to adverts. Likewise, The Horsley Directory is unable to offer a refund if no responses are received by an advertiser.

We (The Horsley Directory) reserve the right to remove any advertising business, without repayment of fees, if we receive what we perceive to be a number of customer complaints or negative feedback for their services or the advertiser is found to operate a fraudulent or unprofessional business.